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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Post-Externship Thoughts

Some Feedback from the Externs about their Experiences


“I can say 100% that the externship experience considerably benefited my legal education. There has been consistent improvement in my college grades since I started the externship, especially in criminal law and Sierra Leone Legal System. Most importantly it has helped me to understand the practical aspects of the law as opposed to just theories and unlike most of my classmates I now feel empowered to provide basic legal advice on everyday issues.

I found the group sessions, funny, interactive but also challenging, especially when I had to compete with others on my case presentation. The group sessions were always something special to look forward too as they allowed me to share what I have been doing whilst catching up on what my colleagues have been up too. I learnt a lot from these sessions. They broadened my externship placement experience in many ways e.g. I came to understand better the complexities of the juvenile justice system from my colleagues at DCI.

I would strongly recommend the legal aid externship programme to any law student. Considering the difficulties we face in terms of regular strike actions, lack of materials and other inadequacies at college, I think it is incumbent on every law student to have an externship experience. Beside the host of opportunities it offers one, the externship experience enables you to put into practice legal knowledge and in doing so to understand legal principles better.”


“During the week of training for the externship, we were taken to court where we met with several magistrates and lawyers and also witnessed court proceedings. I always believed that the court system in our country was smooth but I was appalled to discover that certain aspects were just not so. It would have been very bad for me to discover this when I became a lawyer.

I can now talk to clients with ease and have learned to exercise patience during interviews. The externship programme has helped in developing me to be able to carry out the practical aspects of law.

I would recommend the legal aid externship programme to future students as it provides us law students with a rare opportunity to experience the practical aspects of the law and it will not be new to us when we become pupil barristers.”


“This is one of the greatest opportunities that is available to students which promotes their legal knowledge, perspectives and approach to practical legal issues. It builds you up to face a career as a legal practionner.

A particular aspect of the externship program I sincerely appreciated was the legal education sessions conducted at various schools and prisons. These sessions ignited a desire to update myself on pressing and necessary areas. This I considered a privileged.”


“The court witnessing or observations during the programme has remaining forever etched in my mind as it has changed my perception about the theoretical aspect of the law and the practical aspect.

The group sessions broadened my experience as new cases under different headings from fellow externs are being discussed and my professional skills greatly developed through that.

I think the legal aid externship is an awesome experience that future students can’t miss!


“It has helped improve my interviewing skills greatly and improved my professional tenants in a profound kind of way. The programme helped me to discover that part of me that has immense passion to make the wrongs right.”

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