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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Extern Plays a Key Role in new Legal TV Drama Series

Alimamy Koroma, an extern based with AdvocAid, has played a key role in developing innovative ways to educate the public about their legal rights.

AdvocAid are pioneering using television to not only entertain but also educate the public. They have started Police Case, a legal drama series which follows the story of Adama, a woman who is arrested after a fight with her husband. The series follows her journey through the criminal justice system and educates the public about their rights upon arrest, bail, rights at court and also highlights topics such as domestic violence and corruption.

Alimamy played a key role in providing technical legal input during the script reviews alongside AdvocAid's Legal Officer, Simitie Lavaly. He has also helped with outreach efforts and participated in a radio programme on Radio Mount Aureol to encourage fellow students to tune in and learn more about their rights.

All 6 extern students participated during the launch of Police Case at the British Council on 23 July 2012, when the series was launched by the Inspector General of Police, and also were part of the stakeholder discussion which followed with representatives from the judiciary, media, police and other civil society groups.

Alimamy commented "I enjoyed every minute of Police Case. I think it was entertaining, educative and real; real in the sense that it reflected the reality of the justice machinery in our country. I will recommend it to everyone!"

Alimamy has continued to play an important role in the project. He has interviewed clients who have contacted AdvocAid for legal assistance after hearing about the programme and also completed an initial draft of answers to common questions about rights in the criminal justice system following the 40 calls and 96 text messages received after episode 2 of Police Case aired. The responses will be posted on Police Case's facebook page.

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